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Lo Faro
Maria Josè
+39 0953785239

The main interest of her research is the synthesis of silicon nanostructures realized through low-cost processes compatible with the Si industrial technology, aimed to control their optical and structural properties through the fine-tuning of their growth parameters. Special attention is paid to the study of the optical properties of emission and scattering from fractal silicon nanostructures in relation to their structural disorder and a relevant part of her research activity is focused on the emission of light at room temperature by quantum confined silicon nanostructures for applications in microphotonics. She is also involved in the synthesis and characterization of visible-infrared multiwavelength light sources operating at room temperature by combining different materials that can be integrated with the CMOS technology and whose optical response can be controlled as a function of the fractal design of the silicon nanostructures.


Researcher (RTD) in Condensed Matter Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy "Ettore Majorana" of the University of Catania
Associate to the Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems of the Council of National Research (CNR-IMM)


  • 2017 – 2018 Post-Doc at the National Council of Research (CNR) – IMM Catania 
  • 2016 – 2017- Post-Doc at the National Council of Research (CNR) – IPCF Messina
  • 2017 – Ph.D. in Materials Science; title: “Silicon Nanowires the Route from Synthesis towards Applications”, Supervisor: Prof. F. Priolo, Dr. A. Irrera
  • 01/06 2016 - Visiting research student at the Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel - École Normale Supérieure (Paris) in the group of Prof. Sylvain Gigan
  • 2013 – Master degree in Physics at the University of Catania with full marks (110/110 cum laude) with the following thesis: “Innovative coaxial junction based on Si nanowires”.



2017 - awarded for her scientific achievements with the "Ida Ortalli" Award of the Italian Society of Physics (SIF) for young graduates in Physics.