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Catania UNIT

The Catania (University) Unit is a unique example of the strong and fruitful interaction between the University and CNR worlds. In our Unit there are 50% permanent CNR and 50% associated permanent University staff (about 30 personnel units in total) plus a number of temporary researchers, post doc and Ph.D. students. All the laboratories and facilities are shared and open, with the full contribution of the CNR and University staff. The Deputy Director till September 2016 was Prof. Antonio Terrasi, while since October 2016 is Dr. Vittorio Privitera, in a spirit of management turn over between the two components.

The main expertise of this Unit is represented by the realization and characterization of innovative nanostructured materials, through the development of new synthesis methodologies, with applications in Si photonics, photovoltaics, nanoelectronics and sensing, water treatment. A theoretical activity on coherent dynamics of nanosystems is also led in the Unit.