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Thanks to the know-how in micro- and nano-manufacturing and the infrastructures present in the various Institute’s sites, IMM's activities range from materials science, process development, device manufacturing and systems integration. The research focuses on 3 main areas of application, each organized into sub-areas and coordinated by working groups.


The application areas are:

  1. Micro- and Nano-electronics
    1. Power and high frequency devices
    2. Flexible and Large Area Electronics
    3. Devices for information, storage and processing
    4. Quantum technologies for communication and information
  2. Functional materials and devices
    1. Micro(opto)electromechanical systems (M(O)EMS) and multifunctional systems
    2. Chemical, physical and biological sensors
    3. Functional nanomaterials
  3. Photonics
    1. Energy conversion devices
    2. Optoelectronics, plasmonic and photonic devices


IMM know-how, services, equipment and infrastructures are represented by 4 technological areas, supporting the application areas:

  1. Synthesis, micro- and nano-fabrication
  2. Characterizations
  3. Modeling