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The purpose of this paper is to describe the research activities and recognize the realization of a European virtual registry of underground infrastructure on cloud. In order to create a harmonized virtual registry of infrastructures at European level, the research intends to develop procedures for the preparation of maps and regulatory provisions as well as the main cloud registry. The infrastructure will be realized and deployed through a standard system for all users and for all European countries, in order to store, manage data in a unique place and create a registry on cloud of networks with related services. The registry will also be realized in several pilot areas, characterized by a high density of heterogeneous infrastructures and by factors that may be representative and compared to different types of areas characterized by a large number of utilities registered (electricity, gas and telecommunications). The detailed …
Publication date: 
12 Nov 2014

Salvatore Lombardo, Marisa Ciarlo, Nunzio Casalino

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Pages: 1-6
2014 Euro Med Telco Conference (EMTC)