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A surface micromachining process for manufacturing Electro-acoustic transducers, particularly ultrasonic transducers, the transducers comprising a silicon semiconductor substrate (1), on an upper surface of which one or more membranes (18) of resilient materials are supported by a structural layer (11) of insulating material, rigidly connected to the semiconductor substrate (1), the resilient material having a Young's modulus not lower than 50 GPa, the membranes (18) being metallised, the transducers including one or more lower electrodes (23, 25), rigidly connected to the semiconductor substrate. The process is characterised in that the structural layer (11) includes silicon monoxide. The invention further relates to an Electro-acoustic transducer, particularly an ultrasonic transducer, characterised in that the insulating material of the structural layer (11) is silicon monoxide. The invention …
Publication date: 
11 Jul 2006

Vittorio Foglietti, Elena Cianci, Daniele Memmi, Giosué Caliano, Massimo Pappalardo

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