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In this paper, micro-Raman characterizations and Finite element modeling (FEM) of microstructures (cantilever, bridge, planar rotating probe) realized on single-crystal (100) 3C-SiC/Si films are performed. Transverse optical (TO) Raman mode analysis reveals the stress relaxation on the free standing structure (796.5 cm-1) respect to the stressed unreleased region (795.7 cm-1). The TO Raman mode exhibits an intense shift, up to 2 cm-1, located on the undercut region, where the Silicon substrate starts to be released. Such effect is ascribed to the modification of the Raman stress tensor that makes the generalized axial regime, described by diagonal components of the Raman stress tensor, unsuitable to describe the stress status on this region. Raman maps analysis and FEM simulations show the “activation” of the shear stress, ie non-diagonal components of the stress tensor. The aim of future works will be to …
Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2013

Nicolò Piluso, Ruggero Anzalone, Andrea Severino, Andrea Canino, Antonino La Magna, Giuseppe D'Arrigo, Francesco La Via

Biblio References: 
Volume: 740 Pages: 673-676
Materials Science Forum