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We report on the mask-less integration of GaAs crystals several microns in size on patterned Si substrates by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy. The lattice parameter mismatch is bridged by first growing 2-μm-tall intermediate Ge mesas on 8-μm-tall Si pillars by low-energy plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. We investigate the morphological evolution of the GaAs crystals towards full pyramids exhibiting energetically stable {111} facets with decreasing Si pillar size. The release of the strain induced by the mismatch of thermal expansion coefficients in the GaAs crystals has been studied by X-ray diffraction and photoluminescence measurements. The strain release mechanism is discussed within the framework of linear elasticity theory by Finite Element Method simulations, based on realistic geometries extracted from scanning electron microscopy images.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
13 Jan 2014

AG Taboada, T Kreiliger, CV Falub, F Isa, M Salvalaglio, L Wewior, D Fuster, M Richter, E Uccelli, P Niedermann, A Neels, F Mancarella, B Alén, L Miglio, A Dommann, Giovanni Isella, H von Känel

Biblio References: 
Volume: 104 Issue: 2 Pages: 022112
Applied Physics Letters