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In this paper, we present the results regarding the electrical and optical characterization of bidimensional arrays of silicon single photon avalanche photodiodes (SPAD). Low average dark count rates and crosstalk probability, good timing jitter and high quantum detection efficiency in the visible range have been measured over 5×5 SPAD arrays with 40μm single pixel active area diameter. Moreover, a very good uniformity of these parameters has been found over the single pixels. These good electro-optical performances make our photodiodes attractive for the fabrication of arrays with a larger number of SPAD. In view of the design of a dense array to be used as a silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) for medical diagnostic tools, 5×5 SPAD arrays have been also tested in the photon-resolving mode. Charge spectra show that the arrays, in this configuration, allow to resolve several photoelectron peaks with a good single …
Publication date: 
26 Aug 2007

M Mazzillo, G Condorelli, A Campisi, E Sciacca, M Belluso, S Billotta, D Sanfilippo, G Fallica, L Cosentino, P Finocchiaro, F Musumeci, S Privitera, S Tudisco, S Lombardo, E Rimini, G Bonanno

Biblio References: 
Volume: 138 Issue: 2 Pages: 306-312
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical