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We experimentally demonstrate a self-organized metasurface with a polarization dependent transmittance that can be dynamically controlled by optical means. The configuration consists of tightly packed plasmonic nanowires with a large dispersion of width and height produced by the defocused ion-beam sputtering of a thin gold film supported on a silica glass. Our results are quantitatively interpreted according to a theoretical model based on the thermomodulational nonlinearity of gold and a finite-element numerical analysis of the absorption and scattering cross-sections of the nanowires. We found that the polarization sensitivity of the metasurface can be strongly enhanced by pumping with ultrashort laser pulses, leading to potential applications in ultrafast all-optical modulation and switching of light.
Publication date: 
23 Jun 2015

G Della Valle, D Polli, P Biagioni, C Martella, MC Giordano, M Finazzi, S Longhi, L Duò, G Cerullo, F Buatier de Mongeot

Biblio References: 
Volume: 91 Pages: 235440
Physical Review B