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Micromachined gas-chromatographic (GC) components in combination with high sensitivity MOX detectors and novel pre-concentration materials were utilized to develop a miniaturized, portable, stand-alone sub-ppb level monitoring system for aromatic volatile organic compounds (VOC). Using metal oxide semiconductor (MOX) gas sensors as detectors in a GC system, the intrinsic analytic selectivity of GC is exploited in a simplified architecture with on-board generated carrier gas. The work reported here includes the study of innovative pre-concentration materials, the micromachining of GC components and devices, the fabrication and characterization of complete system prototypes, and the development of application-specific control electronics. The results of both laboratory trials and successful real-world cross-validation with a reference analyzer are described.
Publication date: 
18 Aug 2009

S Zampolli, I Elmi, F Mancarella, P Betti, E Dalcanale, GC Cardinali, M Severi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 141 Issue: 1 Pages: 322-328
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical