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In the field of sustainability, hydrogen (H2) is considered a clean fuel and a renewable energy source with no pollutant emissions. The production of H2 by water electrolysis is well-known among the scientific community. Still, alkaline electrolysis represents a challenging process and requires expensive materials have to be avoided in order to lower the impact of H2 production. This work deals with the production of copper (Cu) and nickel (Ni) nanoparticles (NPs) as catalysts for alkaline water splitting reactions. These NPs are synthesized using the pulsed laser ablation in liquid involving the ablation of Cu and Ni targets in methanol and ethanol. The morphological, structural, and compositional properties of the obtained NPs are studied. Then, a low amount of NPs-based catalyst (∼ 1 μg/cm2) was loaded onto a nickel foam substrate and tested for both alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER) and Oxygen …
AIP Publishing
Publication date: 
1 Nov 2023

V Iacono, C Lo Pò, S Scalese, S Boninelli, GG Condorelli, MG Grimaldi, F Ruffino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 11 Issue: 11
APL Materials