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Thin ZrNx films have been prepared by reactive radiofrequency magnetron sputtering varying the nitrogen partial pressure in the range 0–3.26 Pa. The films have been analyzed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and by optical characterization in the UV–Vis–IR range. The cross-section and surface morphology of the samples were examined by means of field emission gun–scanning electron microscopy. The effects of the nitrogen partial pressure on the ZrNx films stoichiometry have been studied correlating the N 1s photoelectron peaks with different bounding states for the zirconium nitride. The XPS depth profile analysis has revealed the presence of metastable phases (ZrN2, Zr3N4) that vanishes when lowering the nitrogen partial pressure. The optical analysis has permitted to distinguish two different behaviours of the deposited samples in the visible range: semi-transparent and absorbent. Drude …
Publication date: 
5 Dec 2006

A Rizzo, MA Signore, L Mirenghi, E Serra

Biblio References: 
Volume: 515 Issue: 4 Pages: 1307-1313
Thin solid films