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This paper discusses results from 12 months of a Round Robin exercise aimed at the inter-comparison of different cloud detection algorithms for Proba-V. Clouds detection is a critical issue for satellite optical remote sensing, since potential errors in cloud masking directly translates into significant uncertainty in the retrieved downstream geophysical products. Cloud detection is particularly challenging for Proba-V due to the presence of a limited number of spectral bands and the lack of thermal infrared bands. The main objective of the project was the inter-comparison of several cloud detection algorithms for Proba-V over a wide range of surface types and environmental conditions. Proba-V Level 2a products have been distributed to six different algorithm providers representing companies and research institutes in several European countries. The considered cloud detection approaches are based on different …
Publication date: 
27 Jun 2017

RQ Iannone, Fabrizio Niro, Philippe Goryl, Steffen Dransfeld, Bianca Hoersch, Kerstin Stelzer, Grit Kirches, M Paperin, Carsten Brockmann, Luis Gómez-Chova, Gonzalo Mateo-García, Rene Preusker, Jürgen Fischer, Umberto Amato, Carmine Serio, Ute Gangkofner, Béatrice Berthelot, M-D Iordache, Luc Bertels, E Wolters, Wouter Dierckx, Iskander Benhadj, Else Swinnen

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Pages: 1-8
2017 9th International Workshop on the Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images (MultiTemp)