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Nanocrystalline semiconductors embedded in dielectric matrices are currently under investigation for use in Si-photonics and in memory devices. The aim of a joint research activity in the FP6-ANNA*) project (http://www. i3-anna. org) is to develop and improve metrologies for the measurement of nanocrystal properties.Sample parameters needed to optimize the methods of nanocrystal characterization used in the consortium have been defined. According to this information, a range of nanocrystalline samples have been prepared using different methods including chemical vapor deposition to embed nanocrystals in a dielectric matrix, electrochemical etching of silicon, ion implantation into SiO2, deposition of nanosilica spheres using Langmuir-Blodgett technique, or ion implantation and deposition through these spheres. Characterization techniques including x-ray diffraction, ellipsometry, atomic force microscopy …
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10 Jul 2009

Peter Petrik, Silvia Milita, Georg Pucker, Androula G Nassiopoulou, Jaap Van den Berg, Michael A Reading, Miklos Fried, Tivadar Lohner, M Theodoropoulou, Spyros Gardelis, Mario Barozzi, Mher Ghulinian, Alberto Lui, Lia Vanzetti, Antonio Picciotto

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Issue: 22 Pages: 1997
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