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We report on enhanced light extraction from a light-emitting device based on amorphous silicon nanoclusters, suitable for very-large-scale integration, and operating at room temperature. Standard low-cost optical lithography is employed to fabricate a two-dimensional photonic crystal onto the device. We measured a vertical emission with the extracted radiation enhanced by over a factor of 4, without the aid of any buried reflector. These achievements demonstrate that a cost-effective exploitation of photonic crystals is indeed within the reach of semiconductor industry and open the way to a new generation of nanostructured silicon devices in which photonic and electronic functions are integrated together.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
16 Jan 2006

Calogero D Presti, Alessia Irrera, Giorgia Franzò, Isodiana Crupi, Francesco Priolo, Fabio Iacona, Gianfranco Di Stefano, Angelo Piana, Delfo Sanfilippo, Pier Giorgio Fallica

Biblio References: 
Volume: 88 Issue: 3 Pages: 033501
Applied Physics Letters