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High-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy has been used to probe phonon dispersion in quasi-freestanding graphene epitaxially grown on Pt (111). Loss spectra clearly show different dispersing features related to both acoustic and optical phonons. The present results have been compared with graphene systems which strongly interact with the substrate, ie the nearly-flat monolayer graphene (MLG)/Ni (111) and the corrugated MLG/Ru (0001). We found that the phonon dispersion of graphene/Pt (111) reproduces well the behavior of pristine graphite. This could be taken as an indication of the negligible interaction between the graphene sheet and the underlying Pt substrate. The softening of out-of-plane modes observed for interacting graphene/metal interfaces does not occur for the nearly-free-standing graphene/Pt (111).
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
21 Feb 2012

Antonio Politano, Antonio Raimondo Marino, Gennaro Chiarello

Biblio References: 
Volume: 24 Issue: 10 Pages: 104025
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter