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Space exploration is linked to the development of increasingly innovative instrumentation, able to withstand the operation environment, rich in ion particles and characterized by high temperatures. Future space missions such as JUICE and SOLAR ORBITER will operate in a very harsh and extreme environment-. Electrons and ions are considered among the causes of potential damage of the optical instrumentation and components. Development of hard coatings capable to preserve their optical properties is pivotal. Different coating materials have been exposed to ion irradiation in particle accelerators. Change in optical performances has been observed in the extreme ultraviolet and visible spectral region and structural properties have been analyzed by different techniques. The knowledge of the damage mechanisms and thresholds allows the selection of more promising candidate materials to realize the optical …
International Society for Optics and Photonics
Publication date: 
19 Sep 2016

Maria G Pelizzo, Alain Jody Corso, Enrico Tessarolo, P Zuppella, Roman Böttger, Rene Huebner, Vincenzo Della Corte, Pasquale Palumbo, G Taglioni, G Preti, Luca Foggetta, Paolo Valente, Piergiorgio Rancoita, Alessandro Martucci, Enrico Napolitani

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9981 Pages: 99810G
Planetary Defense and Space Environment Applications