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A novel type of high-sensitivity Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)-based refractive index sensor is demonstrated, with a Kretschmann prism-coupling setup enclosed in an optical cavity and interrogated by a telecom wavelength laser source. Two thin layers of Au and SiO 2 are deposited on the prism (SPR chip). Analogously to the sensors commonly referred as “Intensity modulated SPR sensors”, in the presented setup refractive index variations of the sample induce a shift of the SPR central wavelength, which in turn leads to a variation of the SPR chip reflectivity. Since the SPR chip is one of the cavity mirrors, the corresponding loss can be sensitively determined by measuring the internal photon lifetime by a cavity ring-down technique [1]. The interrogating laser is periodically shut down and the subsequent exponential decay of the on-resonance transmitted intensity is recorded to retrieve the ring-down time. In …
Optical Society of America
Publication date: 
12 May 2013

A Giorgini, S Avino, P Malara, G Gagliardi, M Casalino, M Iodice, G Coppola, P Adam, J Homola, P De Natale

Biblio References: 
Pages: CH_2_1
The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics