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Background: the Mediterranean diet, the low dietary glycemic index (GI) and the dietary inflammation index (DII®) have been associated with lower risk of breast cancer (BC) incidence and mortality. Objective: to investigate whether one-year nutrition counselling in the context of a Mediterranean diet, with or without low-GI carbohydrates counselling, may influence the DII in women with BC. Methods: data were obtained from participants of DEDiCa trial randomized to a Mediterranean diet (MD, n = 112) or a Mediterranean diet with low-GI carbohydrates (MDLGI, n = 111). The diet-derived DII and GI were calculated from 7-day food records while Mediterranean diet adherence from PREDIMED questionnaire. Differences between study arms were evaluated through Fisher's exact test or Mann–Whitney test and associations with multivariable regression analyses. Results: Mediterranean diet adherence significantly …
Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2023

Sara Vitale, Elvira Palumbo, Jerry Polesel, James R Hebert, Nitin Shivappa, Concetta Montagnese, Giuseppe Porciello, Ilaria Calabrese, Assunta Luongo, Melania Prete, Rosa Pica, Maria Grimaldi, Anna Crispo, Nadia Esindi, Luca Falzone, Veronica Mattioli, Valentina Martinuzzo, Luigina Poletto, Serena Cubisino, Patrizia Dainotta, Michelino De Laurentiis, Carmen Pacilio, Massimo Rinaldo, Guglielmo Thomas, Massimiliano D'Aiuto, Diego Serraino, Samuele Massarut, Francesco Ferraù, Rosalba Rossello, Francesca Catalano, Giuseppe L Banna, Francesco Messina, Davide Gatti, Gabriele Riccardi, Massimo Libra, Egidio Celentano, David JA Jenkins, Livia SA Augustin

Biblio References: 
Volume: 14 Issue: 3 Pages: 1560-1572
Food & Function