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Optical tuneable filters are essential components in wavelength division multiplexing, optical communication systems and in optical sensor systems. An extensive research activity is today focussed on the realization of novel tuneable filters characterized by compactness, low cost, high performance and low power consumption. Currently even the mature waveguide technology based on LiNbO 3, characterized by highly efficient electro-optic effect and acoustooptic effect, does not allow to overcome problems of too high insertion losses, high fabrication costs, and high power consumption. We present the experimental findings of a novel, switchable guided wave optical filter using a holographic Bragg grating as the optic field perturbation element using an unexpensive fabrication technology. The grating consists of a novel structure, known as POLICRYPS (POlymer Liquid CRYstal Polymer Slices)[1], made of polymer …
Publication date: 
17 Jun 2007

Domenico Donisi, Antonio d'Alessandro, Rita Asquini, Romeo Beccherelli, Luciano De Sio, Roberto Caputo, Cesare Umeton

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Pages: 1-1
Lasers and Electro-Optics, 2007 and the International Quantum Electronics Conference. CLEOE-IQEC 2007. European Conference on