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CdTe and CdS are emerging as the most promising materials for thin film photovoltaics in the quest of the achievement of grid parity. The major challenge for the advancement of grid parity is the achievement of high quality at the same time as low fabrication cost. The present paper reports the results of the new deposition technique, Pulsed Plasma Deposition (PPD), for the growth of the CdTe layers on CdS/ZnO/quartz and quartz substrates. The PPD method allows to deposit at low temperature. The optical band gap of deposited layers is 1.50 eV, in perfect accord with the value reported in the literature for the crystalline cubic phase of the CdTe.The films are highly crystalline with a predominant cubic phase, a random orientation of the grains of the film and have an extremely low surface roughness of 4.6±0.7 nm r.m.s.. The low roughness, compared to traditional thermal deposition methods (close …
Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 
1 Dec 2012

P Nozar, G Mittica, S Milita, C Albonetti, F Corticelli, A Brillante, I Bilotti, G Tedeschi, C Taliani

Biblio References: 
Volume: 1447 Issue: 1 Pages: 91-97
MRS Online Proceedings Library