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A three dimensional nano-SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) has been realized in a vertical configuration (with the loop in the same plane of Josephson Tunneling Junctions, JTJs). The loop area is 0.25 μm 2 corresponding to a modulation period of about 5 mT, the square JTJs have a side length of 0.3 μm. Josephson junction's fabrication is carried out combining optical lithography to pattern trilayer and three dimensional (3D) Focused Ion Beam (FIB) sculpting technique to define the junctions' and the loop's areas. Two different ion etching processes were performed, perpendicular and parallel to the multilayer, resulting in a precise 3D structure. Finally, a standard anodization was performed to eliminate the unstructured surface material generated by the high energetic ion beam assuring high quality junctions. Electric transport characteristics of the nanodevice measured at T= 4.2 K are …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
12 May 2014

M Fretto, E Enrico, N De Leo, L Boarino, V Lacquaniti, C Granata, R Russo, A Vettoliere

Biblio References: 
Volume: 507 Issue: 4 Pages: 042011
Journal of Physics: Conference Series