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Nickel enhanced amorphous Si crystallization and silicidation on polyimide were studied during multipulse excimer laser annealing (ELA) from submelting to melting conditions. A ∼8 nm thick Ni film was deposited on a 100 nm thick α-Si layer at ∼70 °C in order to promote partial nickel diffusion into silicon. In the submelting regime, Ni atoms distributed during deposition in α-Si and the thermal gradient due to the presence of the plastic substrate were crucial to induce low fluence (≥0.08 J/cm2) Si crystallization to a depth which is strictly related to the starting Ni profile. Αmorphous-Si crystallization is not expected on pure Si at those low fluences. Additional pulses at higher fluences do not modify the double poly-Si/α-Si structure until melting conditions are reached. At a threshold of ∼0.2 J/cm2, melting was induced simultaneously in the polycrystalline layer as well as in the residual α-Si due to a thermal …
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
15 Dec 2010

A Alberti, A La Magna, M Cuscunà, G Fortunato, C Spinella, V Privitera

Biblio References: 
Volume: 108 Issue: 12 Pages: 123511
Journal of Applied Physics