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This paper presents a hardware and software system for reliable fall detection in the home environment, with particular focus on the protection and assistance to older people. The prototype includes three different sensors: a 3D time-of-flight range camera, a wearable MEMS accelerometer and a microphone. These devices are connected with custom interface circuits to a central PC that collects and processes the information with a multi-threading approach. For each of the three sensors, an optimized algorithm for fall-detection has been developed and benchmarked on a collected multimodal database.
Springer, Dordrecht
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2010

Marco Grassi, A Lombardi, G Rescio, P Malcovati, A Leone, G Diraco, C Distante, P Siciliano, M Malfatti, L Gonzo, V Libal, J Huang, G Potamianos

Biblio References: 
Pages: 391-394
Sensors and Microsystems