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In this work a summary of complementary approaches to quantitatively characterize ultra shallow dopant distributions in Si, developed within an European multi- laboratories consortium (ANNA), is reported. Results obtained with several techniques on arsenic and boron ultra low energy (0.5-5 keV for As and 0.2-3 keV for B) implants in Si are described. The employed techniques were SIMS, GIXRF (with either conventional or synchrotron radiation excitation), NAA, MEIS, Z-contrast ADF-STEM and spectroscopic ellipsometry. The cross comparisons of dose measurements, dopant distribution and damage build-up behaviour enabled a detailed characterization of the implanted samples and identified the overlap of information from each analytical techniques.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2009

Damiano Giubertoni, Giancarlo Pepponi, B Beckhoff, P Hoenicke, Salvatore Gennaro, Florian Meirer, D Ingerle, G Steinhauser, M Fried, P Petrik, A Parisini, MA Reading, C Streli, JA van den Berg, Massimo Bersani

Biblio References: 
Intel European Research and Innovation Conference 2009