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Time dynamics of doping and strain induced in single layer graphene by thermal treatments up to 300°C in vacuum, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen controlled atmosphere are deeply studied by Raman spectroscopy and they are compared with its morphological evolution investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy. The reaction dynamics in oxygen treatments is determined down to a time scale of few minutes as well as that of dedoping process made by water vapor treatment. The interplay of strain modification and doping effects is separated. The strain is clarified to be strongly influenced by the cooling time. The doping removal is dominated by the water vapor, showing that the concentration of molecular water in gas phase governs the process rate. The opportune choice of heating/cooling and atmosphere enables to tune selectively the strain or doping.
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2018

A Armano, G Buscarino, M Cannas, FM Gelardi, F Giannazzo, E Schilirò, S Agnello

Biblio References: 
Volume: 127 Pages: 270-279