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We studied the capacitance characteristics of printed p-type organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) under various frequencies and dc bias conditions. The experimental results show that the device capacitance is largely influenced by parasitic capacitances, related to the large gate-active layer overlap areas required by the printing processes. We developed a nonquasi-static small-signal capacitance model that adopts a transmission line approach and considers the specific layout of the OTFTs, taking into account for the parasitic capacitances and, hence, is particularly well suited for printed devices. In addition, the model included parasitic impedance at the metal-organic semiconductor contacts, related to the nonohmic behavior of source-drain contacts. The model has been shown to nicely reproduce the experimental capacitance characteristics in all their features. It should be pointed out that the proposed model …
Publication date: 
7 Nov 2014

Antonio Valletta, Matteo Rapisarda, Sabrina Calvi, Guglielmo Fortunato, Stephanie Jacob, Vincent Fischer, Mohammed Benwadih, Jacqueline Bablet, Isabelle Chartier, Romain Coppard, Luigi Mariucci

Biblio References: 
Volume: 61 Issue: 12 Pages: 4120-4127
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices