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Due to quantum-confinement the band structure of silicon nanocrystals (NCs) is different from that of bulk silicon and strongly depends on the NC size. The samples we investigated have been prepared using chemical vapor deposition and annealing allowing a good control of the parameters in terms of both thickness and NC size, being suitable as model systems. The problem of the analysis is that the critical point features of the dielectric function can only be described with acceptable accuracy when using numerous parameters. The majority of the fit parameters are describing the oscillators of different line-shapes. In this work we show how the number of fit parameters can be reduced by a systematic analysis to find non-sensitive and correlating parameters to fix and couple as much parameters as possible.
Publication date: 
31 Aug 2013

Emil Agocs, Androula G Nassiopoulou, Silvia Milita, Peter Petrik

Biblio References: 
Volume: 541 Pages: 83-86
Thin solid films