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The O−H stretching region of the Raman spectra obtained from methanol/carbon tetrachloride mixtures of different compositions is analyzed. The various components of the spectra associated with methanol molecules with different H-binding states (i.e., non-H-bonded, chain-end, and doubly bonded) are quantitatively related with the alcohol cluster distribution derived by means of a simple lattice model. This comparison allows for the estimate of the mean overall hydrogen bonding energy by means of a best fitting procedure on the Raman data obtained at low-to-moderate alcohol contents; the solvation energy contribution of carbon tetrachloride is then also included. The result (∼3 kcal/mol) is found to be in agreement with the estimates from calorimetric and dielectric measurements.
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
25 Aug 2005

B Fazio, M Pieruccini, C Vasi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 109 Issue: 33 Pages: 16075-16080
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B