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The ZrSiS family of compounds hosts various exotic quantum phenomena due to the presence of both topological nonsymmorphic Dirac fermions and nodal‐line fermions. In this material family, the LnSbTe (Ln = lanthanide) compounds are particularly interesting owing to the intrinsic magnetism from magnetic Ln which leads to new properties and quantum states. In this work, the authors focus on the previously unexplored compound SmSbTe. The studies reveal a rare combination of a few functional properties in this material, including antiferromagnetism with possible magnetic frustration, electron correlation enhancement, and Dirac nodal‐line fermions. These properties enable SmSbTe as a unique platform to explore exotic quantum phenomena and advanced functionalities arising from the interplay between magnetism, topology, and electronic correlations.
Publication date: 
24 Aug 2021

Krishna Pandey, Debashis Mondal, John William Villanova, Joseph Roll, Rabindra Basnet, Aaron Wegner, Gokul Acharya, Md Rafique Un Nabi, Barun Ghosh, Jun Fujii, Jian Wang, Bo Da, Amit Agarwal, Ivana Vobornik, Antonio Politano, Salvador Barraza‐Lopez, Jin Hu

Biblio References: 
Pages: 2100063
Advanced Quantum Technologies