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The understanding of spin injection and transport in organic spintronic devices is still incomplete, with some experiments showing magnetoresistance and others not detecting it. We have investigated the transport properties of a large number of tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline)aluminum-based organic spintronic devices with an electrical resistance greater than 5 MΩ that did not show magnetoresistance. Their transport properties could be described satisfactorily by known models for organic semiconductors. At high voltages (>2 V), the results followed the model of space charge limited current with a Poole-Frenkel mobility. At low voltages (∼0.1 V), that are those at which the spin valve behavior is usually observed, the charge transport was modelled by nearest neighbor hopping in intra-gap impurity levels, with a charge carrier density of n0 = (1.44 ± 0.21) × 1015 cm−3 at room temperature. Such a low carrier …
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Publication date: 
2 Apr 2018

Alberto Riminucci, Patrizio Graziosi, Marco Calbucci, Raimondo Cecchini, Mirko Prezioso, Francesco Borgatti, Ilaria Bergenti, Valentin Alek Dediu

Biblio References: 
Volume: 112 Issue: 14 Pages: 142401
Applied Physics Letters