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In this paper we describe the structure of a multiprocessor control system for a gas sensing array, inspired to the IEEE 1451 standard. The system (Smart Transducer Interface Module, STIM) features a simplified Transducer Independent Interface (TII) based on a 3-wire RS232 communication and is conceived as a cluster between identical monosensor subsystems and a central Controller. After a brief illustration of the modular system architecture, an overview on the basic monosensor modules and of the simplified TII will be given. Then, the design and implementation of a gateway acting as an interface between the system and the Ethernet (Network Capable Application Processor, NCAP) will be described. Finally, experimental results will be presented.
IEEE Palmerston North, New Zealand
Publication date: 
21 Nov 2005

L Bissi, A Scorzoni, P Placidi, L Marrocchi, M Bennati, S Zampolli, L Masini, I Elmi, GC Cardinali

Biblio References: 
Pages: 301-306
Proceedings of International Conference on Sensing Technology