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One of the biggest challenges in making energy production by magnetic fusion a reality is in generating a strong enough magnetic field to contain the hot plasma. The required magnetic field strengths and the magnets required to produce them are very large, even larger if the plasma has to be constrained in small volumes like those predicted for ARC reactors. Another challenge is the irradiation of structural and non-structural components by fusion generated neutrons. Most neutrons are absorbed in the blanket and radiation shields, however, a small fraction reach reactor elements and could lead to loss of functional properties of such elements in the long term. Superconducting materials are needed in order to produce high enough magnetic fields to be able to confine the plasma. Several materials can be exploited with this aim. One of the initiatives that are underway within the Joint Research Agreement between …
Publication date: 
28 Sep 2021

Valeria Braccini, Mario Scuderi, Marco Guidolin, Antonio Trotta

Biblio References: 
OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition