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The influence of the chamber residual pressure level in the radio frequency magnetron sputtering process on the electrical, optical and structural properties of indium thin oxide (ITO) is investigated. Several ITO films were deposited at various residual pressure levels on Corning glass using In2O3:SnO2 target in argon atmosphere and without the addition of oxygen partial pressure. It is found that a very good vacuum is associated to metallic films and results in less transparent ITO films, with some powder formation on the surface. On the contrary highly transparent and conducting films are produced at a higher residual pressure. The best deposition conditions are addressed for ITO films as transparent conducting oxide layers in silicon heterojunction solar cells. Using the optimal vacuum level for ITO fabrication, a maximum short circuit current of 36.6 mA/cm2 and a fill-factor of 0.78 are obtained for solar cells on …
Publication date: 
3 Apr 2006

MG Zebaze Kana, E Centurioni, D Iencinella, C Summonte

Biblio References: 
Volume: 500 Issue: 1-2 Pages: 203-208
Thin Solid Films