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An inductively heated furnace and an ultra-fast microwave heating system have been used for performing post implantation annealing processes of P+ implanted semi-insulating< 0001> 4H SiC at 1800-1950 C for 5 min and 2000-2050 C for 30 s, respectively. Very high P+ implantation fluences in the range 7 1019 8 1020 cm-3 have been studied. The annealing processes in the inductive furnace and the one at the lower temperature in the microwave furnace show a saturation in the efficiency of the electrical activation of the implanted P+ that is bypassed by the microwave annealing process at the higher temperature. The measured electron mobility values versus electron density are elevated in all the studied samples and for every post implantation annealing process. This has been ascribed to an elevated implanted crystal recovery due to the very high annealing temperatures> 1800 C.
Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2011

Roberta Nipoti, Anindya Nath, Stefano Cristiani, Michele Sanmartin, Mulpuri V Rao

Biblio References: 
Volume: 679 Pages: 393-396
Materials Science Forum