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The flow focusing is a fundamental prior step in order to sort, analyze, and detect particles or cells. The standard hydrodynamic approach requires two fluids to be injected into the microfluidic device: one containing the sample and the other one, called the sheath fluid, allows squeezing the sample fluid into a narrow stream. The major drawback of this approach is the high complexity of the layout for microfluidic devices when parallel streams are required. In this work, we present a novel parallelized microfluidic device that enables hydrodynamic focusing in each microchannel using a single feed flow. At each of the parallel channels, a cross-filter region is present that allows removing fluid from the sample fluid. This fluid is used to create local sheath fluids that hydrodynamically pinch the sample fluid. The great advantage of the proposed device is that, since only one inlet is needed, multiple parallel micro-channels …
AIP Publishing LLC
Publication date: 
20 Nov 2015

S Torino, M Iodice, I Rendina, G Coppola, E Schonbrun

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9 Issue: 6 Pages: 064107