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We investigated 30 kV Ga+ ions treatments on (0001) single crystal ZnO in order to assess the potentiality of ion beam based device fabrication on such material. A multi-technique approach combining atomic force microscopy, Raman and energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopies, and transmission electron microscopy was used to study morphological and structural properties of ZnO upon varying the ion dose. At low doses a shallow defective layer develops showing an increasing defect density as the dose is increased. At higher dose a thinner defective layer with an amorphous layer on top is produced. The ion beam damaged layer on high resistivity ZnO shows enhanced conductivity. KOH based etching removed selectively the damaged ZnO and was found to dissolve rapidly the Ga-rich amorphous layer. The defective layer has an etch rate which depends on the ion dose, and even for prolonged etching …
Publication date: 
15 Dec 2016

M Pea, V Mussi, G Barucca, E Giovine, A Rinaldi, R Araneo, A Notargiacomo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 112 Pages: 530-538
Materials & Design