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GeTe has been proposed as the father compound of a new class of functional materials displaying bulk Rashba effects coupled to ferroelectricity: ferroelectric Rashba semiconductors. In nice agreement with first principle calculations, we show by angular resolved photoemission and piezo-force microscopy that GeTe displays surface and bulk Rashba bands arising from the intrinsic inversion symmetry breaking provided by the remanent ferroelectric polarization. This work points to the possibility to control the spin chirality of bands in GeTe by acting on its ferroelectric polarization.
Publication date: 
7 Dec 2014

C Rinaldi, D Di Sante, A Giussani, R-N Wang, S Bertoli, M Cantoni, L Baldrati, I Vobornik, G Panaccione, R Calarco, S Picozzi, R Bertacco

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:1412.2386