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Glucose electrochemical sensors based on nanostructures of CuO/Cu(OH)2 onto graphene paper were prepared by thermal (solid) and nanosecond pulsed laser (molten phase) dewetting of a CuO layer 6 nm thin deposited by sputtering. Dewetted systems, obtained without the use of any binder, act as array of nanoelectrodes. Solid state and molten phase dewetting produce nanostructures of copper oxide-hydroxide with different average size, shape and surface composition. Molten phase dewetting originates particles with size below 100 nm, while solid state dewetting produces particles with average size of about 200 nm. Moreover, molten phase dewetting produce drop-shaped nanostructures, conversely nanostructures derived from solid state dewetting are multifaceted. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) characterization revealed that the surface of nanostructures is formed by a copper(II) species CuO …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
5 Oct 2021

Antonino Scandurra, Maria Censabella, Stefano Boscarino, Guglielmo Guido Condorelli, Maria Grazia Grimaldi, Francesco Ruffino

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