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Quantum Key Distribution allows two users to exchange secret keys and it is based on the transmission of single photons or attenuated laser pulses. Recently, sources based on multiple single-photon emitters were demonstrated to be suitable for QKD. Here, we present a CMOS compatible multiple single-photon emitters source realized on a SOI wafer by a standard silicon diode doped with erbium ions. Particular emphasis is placed on the fabrication of such a device enhancing the erbium electroluminescence signal by adopting a proper oxygen co-doping. Finally, electroluminescence characterization at room temperature of the device is presented.
Publication date: 
1 Sep 2022

Giulio Tavani, Giorgia Franzò, Michele Castriotta, Giorgio Ferrari, Francesco Picciariello, Giulio Foletto, Costantino Agnesi, Paolo Villoresi, Giuseppe Vallone, Davide Rotta, Chiara Barri, Erfan Mafakheri, Michele Celebrano, Marco Finazzi, Monica Bollani, Enrico Prati

Biblio References: 
Volume: 266 Pages: 01012
European Physical Journal Web of Conferences