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In this paper, PbZr 0.52 Ti 0.48 O 3 (PZT) and Ba (Mg 1/3 Ta 2/3) O 3 (BMT) thin films were prepared by sol-gel method and aqueous solution-gel method, respectively. PZT/BMT thin films with different interface numbers were prepared and the effects of interface number on the temperature and frequency dependence of PZT/BMT thin films were investigated. The interface number can improve the temperature stability of PZT/BMT thin films in the 85 to 205° C range. As the temperature increases, there is an increase in the remanent polarization for the PZT/BMT thin films and the increasing rate of the remanent polarization decreases with the increase of interface number. As the frequency increases, the remanent polarization for the PZT/BMT thin films decreases and the decline rate of remanent polarization slows with the interface number increasing, indicating that interface …
Publication date: 
11 Nov 2017

Zhi Wu, Wen Chen, Jing Zhou, Jie Shen

Biblio References: 
Thin Solid Films