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Ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopies have proved to be an important tool for the investigation of charge carriers dynamics in perovskite materials providing crucial information on the dynamics of the excited carriers, and fundamental in the development of new devices with tailored photovoltaic properties. Fast transient absorbance spectroscopy on mixed-cation hybrid lead halide perovskite samples was used to investigate how the dimensions and the morphology of the perovskite crystals embedded in the capping (large crystals) and mesoporous (small crystals) layers affect the hot-carrier dynamics in the first hundreds of femtoseconds as a function of the excitation energy. The comparative study between samples with perovskite deposited on substrates with and without the mesoporous layer has shown how the small crystals preserve the temperature of the carriers for a longer period after the excitation than the large crystals. This study showed how the high sensitivity of the time-resolved spectroscopies in discriminating the transient response due to the different morphology of the crystals embedded in the layers of the same sample can be applied in the general characterization of materials to be used in solar cell devices and large area modules, providing further and valuable information for the optimization and enhancement of stability and efficiency in the power conversion of new perovskite-based devices. View Full-Text
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2021

Daniele Catone, Giuseppe Ammirati, Patrick O’Keeffe, Faustino Martelli, Lorenzo Di Mario, Stefano Turchini, Alessandra Paladini, Francesco Toschi, Antonio Agresti, Sara Pescetelli, Aldo Di Carlo

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Volume: 14 Issue: 3 Pages: 708