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The development of focusing optics based on wide band Laue lenses operating from∼ 60 keV up to several hundreds of keV is particularly challenging. This type of hard X-ray or gamma ray optics requires a high performance focal plane detector in order to exploit to the best its intrinsic capabilities. We describe a three dimensional (3D) position sensitive detector prototype suitable for use as the basic module for a high efficiency Laue lens focal plane detector. This detector configuration is currently under study for use in a balloon payload dedicated to performing a high significance measurement of the polarization status of the Crab nebula/pulsar between 100 and 500 keV. The prototype is made by packing 8 linear modules, each composed of one basic sensitive unit bonded onto a thin supporting ceramic layer. Each unit is a drift strip detector based on a CZT crystal, irradiated …
Publication date: 
27 Oct 2013

N Auricchio, E Caroli, A Basili, F Schiavone, JB Stephen, L Milano, G Benassi, N Zambelli, A Zappettini, S Del Sordo, F Moscatelli, C Budtz-Jorgensen, Irfan Kuvvetli, RM Curado da Silva

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Pages: 1-6
Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2013 IEEE