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The development of a miniaturized electrochemical cell for biosensor application regards both the structuring of an array of electrodes in a fluidic chamber and their connections to the control & processing unit The sensitivity of the chrono-amperometric measurement performed with the cell is increased by: (a) integrating the reference electrode on the same chip with the counter- and working- electrodes, (b) designing a specific pattern of the gold electrodes and (c) serially distributing them along the pipeline reservoir. Borosilicate glass is used as substrate for the electrodes, allowing, due to its transparency, an accurate and easy pad to pad alignment of the up-side-down chip versus a PCB soldered on a standard DIL 40 socket. This alignment is necessary to accomplish the elastomer-based-solderless electric contact, between chip and PCB. The solderless contact significantly improves both reliability and signal …
International Society for Optics and Photonics
Publication date: 
7 Jan 2009

Mihaela Ilie, E Ovreiu, R Dejana, V Foglietti, L Nardi, A Masci, B Lanza, L Della Seta, MR Montereali, W Vastarella, R Pilloton

Biblio References: 
Volume: 7297 Pages: 729724
Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics, and Nanotechnologies IV