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U-shaped microwave resonators implemented by RF MEMS switches can be considered the result of a novel design approach for obtaining small-footprint tunable resonators, owing to the bent shape of the resonator and the microsystem solution for changing the frequency of resonance. In this paper, we discuss the design approach for potential configurations of U-shaped structures combined with ohmic RF MEMS switches. Owing to their prospective application in RADAR and satellite systems, the devices were assessed for K-Band operation, specifically for 15 GHz, 20 GHz, and 26 GHz. The ON-OFF states determined by an electrostatic actuation of metal beams composing the RF MEMS ohmic switches allow for selecting different path lengths corresponding to different frequencies. In this contribution, initial configurations were designed and manufactured as a proof-of-concept. The advantages and critical aspects of the designs are discussed in detail.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2023

Flavio Giacomozzi, Emanuela Proietti, Giovanni Capoccia, Giovanni Maria Sardi, Giancarlo Bartolucci, Jacopo Iannacci, Girolamo Tagliapietra, Benno Margesin, Romolo Marcelli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 23 Issue: 1 Pages: 466