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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are among the most versatile nanomaterials, but their exploitation is hindered by limited dispersibility, especially in aqueous solvents. Here, we show that AP-LYS, a highly cationic soluble derivative of denatured hen egg lysozyme, is a very effective tool for the unbundling and solubilisation of CNTs. AP-LYS proved to mediate the complete and stable dispersion of CNTs at protein: CNT ratios≥ 1: 3 (w: w) in very mild conditions (10–20 minutes sonication in ammonium acetate buffer, pH 5.0). Electrophoretic mobility and ζ-potential measurements confirmed that dispersed CNTs were coated by the protein, whereas molecular docking was used to study the interactions between AP-LYS and CNTs. AP-LYS-coated CNTs proved to be a very effective microbial cell-flocculating agent with an efficiency similar to that of chitosan, one of the best available flocculating agents, thus suggesting that …
Nature Publishing Group
Publication date: 
12 Nov 2019

Marialuisa Siepi, Giuliana Donadio, Principia Dardano, Luca De Stefano, Daria Maria Monti, Eugenio Notomista

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-14
Scientific reports