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Graphite, a model (semi) metal with trigonally warped bands, is investigated with a magnetoabsorption experiment and viewed as an electronic system in the vicinity of the Lifshitz transition. A characteristic pattern of up to 20 cyclotron resonance harmonics has been observed. This large number of resonances, their relative strengths and characteristic shapes trace the universal properties of the electronic states near a separatrix in momentum space. Quantum-mechanical perturbative methods with respect to the trigonal warping term hardly describe the data which are, on the other hand, fairly well reproduced within a quasiclassical approach and conventional band structure model. Trigonal symmetry is preserved in graphite in contrast to a similar system, bilayer graphene.
American Physical Society
Publication date: 
23 Sep 2011

M Orlita, P Neugebauer, C Faugeras, A-L Barra, M Potemski, FMD Pellegrino, DM Basko

Biblio References: 
Volume: 108 Issue: 1 Pages: 017602
Physical Review Letters