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In this work, we present a comparison among four different piezoelectric materials (PVDF-TrFE, Piezopaint, AlN and ZnO), all deposited at low temperature (from RT up to 160 ) on flexible substrate such as thin Polyimide, in order to investigate their possible implementation as flexible tactile sensors. Flexible capacitive sensors were tested by using a mini-shaker, investigating the sensors behavior in force and frequency with the intent of mimicking the human sense of touch. We optimized the piezoelectric properties of the materials by using specific texturing buffer layers or maximizing the poling procedure to increase the dipole alignment. Finally, by using a multi-foil approach, the different sensors have been integrated with polysilicon thin film transistor fabricated on flexible substrates and the specific device sensitivity was evaluated.
Publication date: 
1 Mar 2016

Luca Maiolo, Francesco Maita, Alessandro Pecora, Antonio Minotti, Guglielmo Fortunato, Emanuele Smecca, Alessandra Alberti

Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 3 Pages: 209-213
Journal of Display Technology