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Aim of this work is the description of a test equipment, designed to be integrated on board of a microsatellite, able to investigate the radiation tolerance of non-volatile memory arrays in a real flight experiment. An FPGA-based design was adopted to preserve a high flexibility degree. Besides standard Program/Read/Erase functions, additional features such as failure data screening and latch-up protection have been implemented. The instrument development phase generated, as a by-product, a non-rad-hard version of the instrument that allowed performing in-situ experiments using 60 Co and 10 MeV Boron irradiation facilities on Ground. Preliminary measurement results are reported to show the instrumentation potential.
Publication date: 
3 May 2010

Calogero Pace, Ernesto Della Sala, Giuseppe Capuano, Sebania Libertino, Isodiana Crupi, Antonio Marino, Salvatore Lombardo, Michael Lisiansky, Yakov Roizin

Biblio References: 
Pages: 652-655
2010 IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference Proceedings