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Here we report the experimental observation of circular dichroism induced by optical extrinsic chirality in the second harmonic field (800nm-400nm) of self-organized nanowires arrays with sub-wavelength periodicity (160nm). In the measurements, the second harmonic signal generated by the curved nanowires was recorded as a function of the incidence angle for left-and right-handed impinging pump fundamental light; the results show more than 50% of visibility of the extrinsic optical nonlinear circular dichroism.
CNR National Research Council, Italy
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2012

Maria Cristina LARCIPRETE, Marco CENTINI, Alessandro BELARDINI, Concetta SIBILIA, Eugenio FAZIO, D Chiappe, F Buatier De Mongeot, M Giordano, C Martella, A Toma

Biblio References: 
Proceedings of MINAP 2012–Final Conference of the MP0702 COST Action